Knowing When to Start Estate Planning

It's something most people don't ever want to think about, but Austin estate planning attorney becomes highly important once your pass some milestones in your life. It's never a bad idea to have a last will and testament made up, and you should keep it updated with your new assets at least once every couple years. However, you absolutely have to start thinking about estate planning after you have a child, because you now are responsible for their care and upbringing, even after your death. You have to make sure that there's a loving family to take care of them, whether it's one of your relatives or a godparent or a friend of yours. You'll also have to do your best to ensure that there's money for them to go to college when they get to that age.


Still, it's important for everyone to have a will, even if you don't have a child or any other dependents. One thing many people don't think about is what happens to their social media accounts after they die – if you don't specify what should be done with them, they'll just hang there in the ether forever, as grim reminders to your friends and family of your untimely death.

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